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There is SO MUCH information out there about Writing. Some of it is fantastic, some of it isn’t worth the pixels. I made a list of my favorite books on writing, but it’s the internet that needs drastic culling. A few years ago when I was a newbie writer and overwhelmed by the conflicting advice out there, my wise son Elliott (who has since graduated from the Iowa Writers Workshop) told me this: Pick one or two of the best sources for writing advice and ignore the rest. I immediately thought of my top two sites for writing advice, plus a key resource for writers:

  • Writer’s Digest – Consistently the best, clearest advice on writing, publishing, and conferences.
  • Jane Friedman – This brilliant woman seems to know writing and publishing better than anyone.
  • Every Writer’s Resource – And a list of the Top 50 Literary Journals. A great place to start for both readers and writers.

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