A Reasonable Price

Yes, everybody has a secret …

Dana Parker, Des Moines’s “Favorite TV News Anchor,” knows a spotless reputation is essential for her career. A Norwegian beauty with a quick smile, Dana is a local celebrity known for her dynamic reporting and tireless charity work. The bright light of her life, though, is her son Teddy who was conceived, after years of miscarriages and heartache, via IVF at the Lowell Fertility Clinic in Minneapolis.

Life is perfect until Dana receives a cryptic request for her family to return to their fertility clinic. Dr. Cate Lowell, a sultry, single-mother of four, introduces the Parkers to her youngest child, a boy who looks eerily like Teddy. Then Cate reveals a shocking link between the two boys, and that her son is in dire need of a transplant from Teddy. Horrified and confused, Dana feels they must help the child, but as he recovers she begins an investigation into Frankie’s clinic. Soon Dana finds proof that the doctor’s children were all born as increasingly immoral experiments. When Cate declares she is about to go public with the truth about her youngest child, Dana knows she must find a way to quickly and quietly stop the doctor—because of her Hitlerian-nightmares, because of the media frenzy that would scar Teddy’s life, and because the ensuing scrutiny would uncover the secret past she has hidden all these years from her family, friends, and boss.

Can Dana stop the doctor before she announces her latest feat? She has ninety days to find a way.

A Reasonable Price is a masterwork! It is filled with tension … an epic villain in the battle of good vs. evil, and [heroes who] are genuine, forthright, and in-love. The stakes get higher and higher, and more and more intense as [the] narrative progresses.”
                                                           – Dr. Colby H. Kullman, Ph.D. of English, University of Mississippi

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