Radio Silence, n.

Radio silence, n. A period of time when writers are required to stop communicating with the public for various reasons. syn., Blog silence, Facebook silence, Twitter silence, etc.

Radio silence—in all forms—often occurs when a writer is under deadline and/or buried by “positive rejection letters,” thereby throwing said writer into a tailspin just shy of desperation. Writer must focus intently on the meaning of life, the meaning of “positive rejection” advice, the meaning of every damn word, sentence, paragraph, and plot point of her WIP, or work-in-progress. When said writer receives communique from no fewer than one dozen literary agents offering “positive rejection advice,” she must filter through the good and the bad and the just plain ignorant to find the gems that will make her WIP brilliant and successful.

Radio silence is identified when a writer fails to update her blog/Facebook page/Twitter page for more than thirty consecutive days. This blog serves as a prime example.

Please forgive this writer’s radio silence. She’s writing, silently!

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