The Puzzlemaker

December, 1958. Josie Lambert has had enough turmoil for a lifetime. Now living in the real-life Shangri-la of Palm Springs, California, with her husband, Jay, she thinks tennis, reading, and bicycling—plus the occasional small, if glamorous party—provide all the excitement she needs. But then, over a four day stretch, Josie learns Jay has a mistress, their family business is in the red, and he says it’s all her fault. 

Scarred and broken from a tragic accident in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, Josie struck gold when she inadvertently invented a puzzle that became a best-seller in the post-war boom. Now given one shot at a new puzzle, she is determined to save her toy company and, she hopes, her marriage. But when she realizes Jay is sabotaging her efforts, Josie hires their son’s girlfriend as a honey trap-assistant to taunt her cheating husband, a plan that backfires when she learns the ambitious girl has plans of her own. 

As time runs out for Josie, inventing a new puzzle becomes synonymous with seeking revenge for her shattered life.