Tony Robbins Would Be So Proud

Today, the perfect day: Up at 6, brisk hour-long walk, home for a healthy breakfast and a quick shower. Coffee, brief glance at the markets and email, and straight into writing.

The crazy part is that I took the time (and I always do this) to style my hair and put on makeup even though I work at home and no one will see me all day. Is this some psychological advantage, treating my solitary occupation like a “real” job? Or, is it habit? Or, am I that vain? [Again, these are rhetorical questions! Please keep your answers to yourself!]

All I know is that I am mad passionate about my new book, Left On Blue. I love this part of writing, when my characters invade my dreams, invade my showers, invade my dinner conversations with my patient husband. He’s learned to NOT laugh (out loud) when I talk about my characters as if they were real people ~ because he knows they’re real to me.

AND, I signed up for a workshop (a writer’s workshop, not Tony Robbins). In a few weeks I’ll be traveling to Cincinnati to talk to editors and agents about getting my first book, That Changes Everything, published. Somewhere out there is an agent who will be mad passionate about my work, too. I just have to find him/her/it/them.

For now, in my head, it’s springtime in 1955, and the lavender sun is coming up over the majestic Tetons. My perfect day is calling.

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