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2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. William Staab

    Hi Karolyn,

    Thanks for the “add” on the Goodreads site. I love your website! I think it great that your an author and pursuing something you love…it awesome!
    If you do visit my site, an apology is in order…it’s under construction. I’m working on building a second career as a composer, and need more music to post.
    At any rate, good to meet you and good luck with your writing!

    Take Care, Bill

  2. Nancy Purington

    Hello Karolyn,
    After visiting with you briefly at Bistro Montage yesterday I checked out your son’s new art gallery at http://www.1oh9.com/. Adorable combination of expectation and great form. Looking forward to seeing more as they unfold. Thank you for sharing your news about writing. You have vast connections to aesthetic understandings and a clear outlook about what is. I hope you had the seafood crepe or the beet salad with pear cream.
    Best wishes, Nancy

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