Picture Books

If the Covid-19 pandemic taught me one thing it was the importance of joy in our lives. So I have temporarily put my novel aside, and I have written several picture books. They’re not as easy as they sound. (Every PB writer/illustrator/editor/publisher/agent is now doing a face plant.)

Picture books are poetry, even if they don’t rhyme. Sure, every word matters in a 300-page novel, but when the entire manuscript of a PB is 300 words, each one has to be perfect. To that end, I have created a handful of projects (books and/or series) based on characters who will delight people both young and old. Plus, picture books allow me to freely use exclamation points. Yippee!

Stay tuned here for news on these upcoming titles:
* Sookie’s Super Goggles: Pappy’s Lost Sock and The Missing Tutu
* Georgie Finds An Elephant
* The Slumber Train