Invented Lives

What’s a child without a name? (an orphan?) What’s a date without a name? (a one night stand?) What’s a town without a name? (a concert tour?) What’s a book without a name? (a work no one will read!)

My work in progress (WIP), here to date known as The King Family, now has an official title. Not unlike Kate Middleton, my novel has been christened: Invented Lives.

It’s perfect!

That is exactly what my novel is about, invented lives. In essence, it’s a family saga, and yet it is so much more. I have finished the first draft, which means I now begin my second draft, which means I’ll be looking for beta readers, which means I’ll soon be looking for agents, which means one day I’ll be published, and you will be able to read for yourself!

It’s moments like these that really charge my batteries. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to edit I go!