It Comes As No Surprise

Yesterday I had a phone consultation with the fabulous Jenny Bent from the Bent Agency in Brooklyn. She told me I am a female with brown hair. Ok, not really, but what she did tell me should have been just as obvious.

I write Noir Fiction.
Why didn’t I know that? Once she said it, it was so obvious, and yet, I hadn’t latched on to that term. Better still, thanks to Wikipedia, I found out that one of my favorite authors, Patricia Highsmith (The Talented Mr. Ripley, Strangers on a Train, The Price of Salt) also falls in the category of Noir Fiction. As does Elmore Leonard, though somehow I’ve never read any of his books (seen the movies though, does that count? I didn’t think so.) I don’t know what this says about my personality, but that’s me… noir. I even dress in all black, too often! (Though I blame that on being a former art dealer & a fashion nerd.)
All right, off to write some black magic.
Any Elmore Leonard recommendations? Where do I begin?!