Let’s hope the Mayans were wrong

It’s the end of the year as we know it. I haven’t been blogging much for a number of reasons—not the least of which is the holidays. (The other reasons involve whining, so I’ll skip those.)

A year ago, I posted a blog of all the books I’d read in 2010. This year I have goodreads.com. If you like to read and don’t already belong to goodreads, you will enjoy it. My page lists all the books I’ve read, all the books I’m currently reading and all the books I plan to read. There I review each book I’ve read.
In 2011, my goal was to read one book a week. I’ve read 43, and will finish one more in the next four days. So 44/52. Not bad. My goal for 2012 is to read LESS. Yes, less. Read less, read better. I resolve to take more notes, study well-written books, fill the pages with marginalia and notes. In 2012, I plan to read 26 acclaimed books and write one.
As an emerging writer, it’s imperative that I read books. But just reading them and hoping to become a best-selling author is like listening to the radio and assuming that you can become a pop star by immersion. I view reading as an enjoyable form of homework. In 2012, I will be more selective in what I read. Excellence in; excellence out.
My other goal is to listen better and interrupt less. (Ha! That will be harder than selling my novel.)
This is all assuming, obviously, that the Mayans (and REM) were wrong. I have big plans for the next 12 months. Wish me luck.

No More Reading?

Take me now, Lucifer!

Fire and brimstone; ridiculous action movies; The Simpsons (both the tv show and the sisters); lazy lounging people; obesity; ignorance; the end of the world… Ok, you get the picture.

Yesterday I got a taste of boredom, YES, boredom. And it was awful. Please refer to my post on 10/16/10.

My son, Elliott, has a saying: “The best movies come from books, but the best books would make bad movies.” His theory is that the best literature is quiet, slow to reveal itself, and wholly absent of car chases.

I have a saying: “Read books.” But maybe I should amend it to: “Take care of your eyes so you can always read books.”

Yesterday, after working on my upcoming novel (The King Family) for five hours, I had my annual eye exam. (I still don’t need reading glasses. Thank you, Mom.) But they had to dilate my eyes, which left me unable to read for the rest of the afternoon. And, on top of that, there were NO good new movies out yesterday. (Surely you know by now we’re big movie buffs, my husband and I.) I was dumbstruck. Thank the digital gods that my husband had two episodes of Law & Order recorded for us to watch, otherwise who knows what we would have done… certainly nothing I could report here.

Perhaps the Boys Scouts said it best: “Be prepared; buy books on tape.”