Review: The Innocent by Taylor Stevens

Taylor Stevens is a master-storyteller. She deftly feeds the reader facts and clues and backstory as the characters race through the incredible city of Buenos Aires to save a little girl from a terrible life. The pace is rapid, and the plot of The Innocent is as straight as a bullet through this gripping novel.

(Vanessa) Michael Munroe, the literary world’s newest superhero, infiltrates a cult as few people could describe as accurately as Stevens (if you haven’t read the author’s bio, do that here). This story is as horrific as it is exciting, and while I imagine some there has been some dramatic license taken, it is very believable knowing how Stevens was raised.

But the best part of this book is that Stevens has created an anti-hero that we/I not only root for, but one that we care about. Yes, she kills people, but her subsequent nightmares create sympathy for her. “Michael” makes me feel smarter/stronger/faster. It’s like the Holiday Inn commercial: I’m not a spy, but I have read Taylor Stevens’ books.

The Innocent is an excellent thriller, full of action, tension and mystery.

I give it a strong 4 Stars.