Brand New Day, Brand New Week, Brand New Plan

Man, I love symbolism.
The sunrise from our balcony this morning challenged the sunsets from our Costa Rica home. Challenged, not beat. There is no ocean around here so it really wasn’t a fair fight.

So, last week… whew! Most of you who are reading this probably know I had a big week last week. With seven kids, and now two sons-in-law, we had a baby shower, then Thanksgiving, then a wedding, which was preceded by a rehearsal dinner and followed by a brunch. Didn’t have a moment to write, or even blog. But now, I’m back, with so much to say.

First and foremost, I’ve actually been asked to blog more often. It’s no fun to check a blog that hasn’t been updated! And, now that I know that this is more than a diary ~ people ARE reading it, I will do my best to write two or three times a week, minimum.

Plus, you can now comment on my posts! There’s a link at the bottom of each page for you to write back to me. [Ah, Karolyn, be careful what you wish for.] Remember to keep it clean, or I’ll delete you. (ha ha ha)

And speaking of my fans, the ones who requested I blog more often, I have big news for tomorrow’s post. Stay tuned…

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