Good Thing I’m Not a Gymnast

The word of the day is: balance.

I’m terrible at balancing my personal and professional lives. Am I alone? Extreme? You tell me.

Being a writer, working from home, it is so easy to let others intrude, and/or stop writing to do laundry or water the plants. I’ve made jokes for years about having ADHD, which I know is not a joking matter for some. I’m tempted to seek out a doctor for a prescription for Adderall, but then I’ll just be adding to my list of obligations that keep me away from my desk during my writing hours! AND, I heard that Adderall inhibits the creative processes of the brain. Lord knows I don’t want to inhibit my creative process if I’m trying to write a novel.

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions?

2 Replies to “Good Thing I’m Not a Gymnast”

  1. >Interesting. Very interesting. I took my son to a doctor's appointment a few weeks ago and HIS pediatric doctor told me that I display symptoms of ADHD, based on just our interaction. Without even examining me. Which in hindsight is kind of funny. Then I told him what I do (work at home, write) and he simply said "That's why." So apparently it is a common trait amongst writers. So I don't want to stifle the creative process so I refuse to get checked, and just let me brain run wild.

  2. >That's exactly why I'm torn. I don't think there's any doubt I have ADHD, but do I WANT the cure? Perhaps a little craziness is good for a novelist!

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