I’m Obsessed!

There are SO MANY things about which I am obsessed. My husband can name them all, my kids and friends can name a few. I try to keep them quiet, which explains why I don’t blog more often: I’m obsessed with my obsessions.

My current obsession is the final (ha!) rewrite of my book, which has been renamed (again). Stick with me here. (There was also, briefly, a different new name, but we can skip that detail.)

More than two weeks ago, I mentioned I was going to an “Editors’ Intensive” Conference in Cincinnati for feedback on my book, then called That Changes Everything. I wrote that I would either be deeply depressed or enthusiastically rewriting when I got home. Either way, it’s not surprising that I haven’t written, is it? But I have not been fair to you faithful readers, not telling you what happened and how I’m doing. I am surprised (perhaps even a little hurt) that none of you have written or called to make sure I’m not leaning over the top of my nine-story condo working up the courage to jump. But it’s okay, faithful readers, the opposite is true.

My editor from the conference was very encouraging and helpful (not that I was expecting them to kill any writer’s dreams after they pay good money to attend their conference). I have been enthusiastically rewriting parts of my novel and, if I may be so bold, it’s so much better already. I am now ready to begin the lovely task of querying agents again. Specifically, she (Kelly Messerly from Writers’ Digest, a wonderful young woman) told me that my book was more sophisticated than the title, and that I would do it justice to come up with something that was more descriptive. So, the new (working) title is… Who Is Lily White?

And a hint, kind of like a special coupon for faithful followers: The title has a triple entendre. But you’ll have to read it to know what they all are.

You’ll be the first second to know when you can find it at your local Barnes & Noble.

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