My Apologies – Read This First

Yesterday, in one precious moment of free time (aka: procrastination), I was experimenting with my Blog format. My web site is hosted by Apple, and I am a huge fan of everything they do and make. Except for their blogging page. Since Apple is so cool, my first thought was that I probably just didn’t know what I was doing and that if I played around a bit on the site, maybe I could add sidebars, widgets, links, and more.

Well, I was wrong. In the end, I decided to leave it alone and went back to my original formatting. But the Apple gods got the last laugh.

Every single one of my blog posts, going back to April of 2008 was screwed up. Now I have to manually go through each one to re-format it to MY specs. Thanks a bunch, Apple. And to all of you who have signed up for the RSS feed, you’re going to get an email for each post I fix. I’m really sorry to clog up your inbox.

Who knows, maybe Steve Jobs has signed up for my RSS feed, and he’ll be reading this, and he’ll feel really bad for me. “I’ll take the new MacBook Pro, Mr. Jobs, as your apology. And can you beef up your blogging page while you’re at it?”

Again, my apologies.

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