Prepare To Be Delighted

Several weeks ago, I mentioned at the bottom of one blog entry that I was going to ask several of my friends who are published writers to talk about how they got published. Don’t feel bad if you missed it… You’d probably qualify as a stalker if you actually noticed it.

What I hoped to get (knowing how busy everybody is these days) was a few hundred words on daily struggles of the publishing world. My first guest blogger, Michael Halleran, wrote an enlightening and entertaining 1800-word essay. We writers love to write! Please note his bio (very impressive) and the proper citation at the bottom of the essay. (No wonder I write fiction; I must have missed that day in school.)

First, a sincere thank you to my high school friend, Mike. You have elevated my simple, narcissistic blog.

Second, to all you loyal readers: Enjoy the next post!
p.s. If you’re a writer and would like to post on my site about your experiences, send me an email.

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