The Pudding…

… the proof! This is me all bundled up in my writing studio at my laptop with my noise canceling headphones within reach.

I’ve been “on vacation” the last ten days. That is how I justified not writing and not feeling guilty about it. Even the President of the United States gets vacation days. Everyone I know (except my son Tanner who is six months in to his first real job) gets vacation days.

It didn’t feel much like a vacation though. Sure, we had a party and family Christmas, but I also had a root canal. That was seven days ago, and today is the first day I’ve felt well enough to sit still and type. Even Percocet didn’t help. A double dose of antibiotics, a lot of laying on the sofa reading Jonathan Franzen, a few cries of woe-is-me, and now I can write again.

As a refresher course, you faithful readers should know that I have put The King Family on hold while I do a rewrite of Midnight Street. It’s getting very close to good. I have also polished my query letter so well that it shines. Soon I will resume sending it to lucky agents. I’m getting closer and closer and closer to publication. I can feel it. (PMA!)

All right, back to Danny and Lily.


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