Can’t – Stand – The – PRESSURE!

A few days ago, I figured out how to add a Page Counter to my blog. Now I can see how many people actually look at my web site. Cool! I have already learned that either I have more fans than I realized, or I have a stalker with twitchy fingers!

Fans? OMG, the pressure!

Ten days ago I made a promise to write more about fathers, sons, and families. Since then, I’ve developed stage fright, writer’s block, broken fingers, a terrible case of the flu… something! All I know is inspiration has fled.

I can tell you my step-daughter just gave birth to our first grandchild ~ a boy, of course! That’s kept me terribly (wonderfully) busy just looking at the pictures. Mother, baby, and father are all doing great, thanks for asking.

But the truth is, friends, I’ve been editing. Last weekend, I finished the first draft of my manuscript for The King Family, 82,000 words (300 pages), and now the tough work begins. Writing the first draft is the EASY part. Polishing it for submission separates the King family from the girls with dragon tattoos. (Plus, I’ve become obsessed with Twitter. If you haven’t tried it, you owe it to yourself to see what it’s all about.)(Then you can follow me there, as well.)(I’m quite funny when I can’t ramble on for more than 140 characters.)(Really!)

My mother, who holds a PhD in higher education, gave me the best editing advice I’ve ever received. Read the book backwards, she said, sentence by sentence, so you don’t get caught up in the story. That’s tough to do, but well worth it, even thought it takes a lot of time.

Anyway, I’ve been busy, not neglectful, but I do owe you all a post about MEN.

I’ll see what brilliance I can come up with as soon as I forget about the geiger counter on my blog page.

(Thanks for all the visits!)

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