Man, I crack myself up!

Who, exactly, am I kidding when I say I’m going to blog more often about fathers, sons, and brothers?

Pretty soon I’m gonna get in trouble. Someone’s gonna tell me I need to take this whole writing thing a little more seriously, or else I’ll lose my blogging privileges. Ok, I tried, but I’m sorry, I can’t carry on a deep, serious, heavily researched blog about interactions of the human male. Just can’t do it.

Here is all we need to know about men:
They want sex.
They want their woman to respect them.
They want to be fed and cared for when they’re sick.
They want the one person with whom to share their secrets, the one who’ll tell them (repeatedly) they’re great, to never use their insecurities against them.
They want more sex.

And if you do all of the above, they’ll forgive a lot of little stuff, like shopping.

Can we move on now?

I have written two novels with a male protagonist, On A Midnight Street and The King Family. The best and only way I can prove that I know a little something about the male half of the human population, is to get published and let you be the judge from my novels. I promise you all, I’m working on that the best I can. I’m writing six days a week, editing out all the superfluous words, and when it’s sleek and shiny, I will submit my work to the appropriate agents. When the stars align, you’ll be able to find my books at your local Barnes & Noble.

Here’s the only secret most men will never share (don’t ask how I know this). They’re just as sensitive as us women, they just won’t admit it. So in case I’ve hurt anyone’s feelings, I’m truly sorry. “You’re great. Really, you’re the best. You’re so strong and smart and rich. I mean it! I can tell it’s true because you’re reading my blog.”

Fortunately, my husband really is the best, so this stuff is easy for me.

Ok, back to having fun! Stay tuned to see what ridiculous things I fixate on tomorrow.

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