Drumroll Please

Great news fans and friends. A Reasonable Price is ready to roll.IMG_4545

After four or five years of my on again off again love affair with this novel, it’s finished. Spit-shiny, squeaky-clean, and slick as black ice.

So now what happens? Now I begin the search for an agent who loves it, so they can pitch it to an editor who will love it, who will convince a publisher to buy it and send me money. (How much money? I think a reasonable price would be around $50,000. (I’d settle for $50, but don’t tell them that.)) Then 18-24 months later, if luck holds out, you will get the chance to read it!

Or I could self-publish it and you could read it tomorrow. Hmmm … Let me think about that.

In the meantime, I have another novel simmering. I’d better go check on it.

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