Failure or Success: Which is Worse?

Fear of failure is a common phrase. But there are so many quotes about picking up, moving on, learning from, and becoming better people because of our failures, that I wonder why should we fear it? And why should it stop us from trying our best at something?

More sensible yet less talked about is fear of success. Success changes everything, not always for the better. Think of people who win the lottery only to go broke again, or actors who become movie stars and lose their privacy. Think of the winners of the Biggest Loser and the scrutiny they’re under to stay slim. Think of Mark Zuckerberg who now has 20 Billion things to worry about. Think of aspiring authors who like the quiet life of being a writer, then get shot out of a cannon into the public eye when their novels get published.
Then again, fame and money are so fleeting that maybe the real test is whether or not you can hold on for the brief flight.
Yes, that’s it: Success is like a bull riding.
Excuse me while I go look for my cowboy boots.

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