Here We Go Again, Literally

In 38 hours (yes, I’m counting), my husband and I leave for Costa Rica. You may recall, we went last year for nine weeks. This year we’re going for ten weeks. Last year we had all seven of our kids (plus two or three friends) join us; this year, zero kids.

Last year, we did every adventure possible: zip lining, surfing, sailing, zip lining again, horseback riding, hiking to waterfalls, even a trip to one of the volcanoes. This year? Who knows. Maybe nothing, not a gosh darn thing!

Last year, I posted a dozen or more stories on my blog (see Feb – March 2010), plus an essay I’m not ashamed of (Vacationally Challenged). This year? Who knows. What if we don’t do anything exciting?

My plan this year is to not have a plan. Sure, I know I’ll write. And, we both got iPads for Christmas, so I know we’ll do a lot of reading (I already have 6 books downloaded, 6 LONG books). Other than that, we plan to sit by the pool and relax.

Guess this will test my skills as a blogger… how to make sitting by the pool for 70 days in a row sound exciting… ?

I promise I’ll do my best.

Hasta luego!

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