Ten Weeks to Live (it up)

That’s me on the surfboard.

Ah, who am I kidding? I can’t even swim. Seriously. Well, I’ve never drowned, but I’ve only had one swim lesson in my entire life, and it wasn’t pretty.

Tomorrow morning, before breakfast, before coffee (!), I will be on a plane to Costa Rica. My husband HATES the Iowa winters, and I’m lucky enough to be invited to tag along when he heads for warmer climes. We’ll be gone for ten weeks.

So what would you do for TEN WEEKS? My husband is one of those people who can sit still, watch the Pacific Ocean, and contemplate life. I’m not. I’ll be taking my laptop (of course), my iPad, (of course) (my husband has one, too… we both plan on reading a ton of books). But this year, I actually bought a Speedo swim suit, a swim cap, and goggles. I’m going to SWIM! I figure, if fish can teach themselves how to swim, so can I. The good news our villa has a private pool (please see Dec. 8th post: Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Lucky). I’ll be able to swim laps without anyone around to laugh.

I will also be working on my new book, The King Family. I have officially put On A Midnight Street to bed. “Good night, sweet book. Your agent will find you one day, I promise.”

It seems I do have a plan… My last post said I’m not making any plans. That’s the best part of being me ~ when I look back on my life, even one day ago, I provide myself with so much to laugh at. I make ridiculous, declarative statements, then I do the opposite. Oh well. That’s me.

All right. Off to finish packing. It’s 92 degrees in Costa Rica right now. This time tomorrow, the sand between my toes won’t be from what the dog drags in from our snowy sidewalks. It will be from the Pacific Ocean.


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