Horse, Meet Cart

There’s a fine line between optimism and jumping the gun. Getting the cart before the horse. Getting ahead of one’s skis. Biting off … you get the picture.

A few years ago, more years than I want to admit, I sat down with a laptop and began pounding out a novel. Eighteen months later, voilá! My first novel was complete. Back then (and still today), the powers that be insisted a writer must be known and have a following if she hopes for success when her novel sells and hits the shelves. “Build a website,” they said. <“Ok.” check> “Write short stories, submit to journals.” <check> “Get busy on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., etc.” <check, check, check> What all of that other stuff won’t get you is a book deal. Short of returning to school for an MFA, I’ve done all the extras, yet still no book deal. In other words, it’s possible I spent too much time building a platform and too little time honing my writing. Until …

I have recently completed a new novel (my fifth), titled THE PUZZLEMAKER. It’s good. It’s ready. It’s at least ready for a good editor to make it great. The seed of this story came to me in early 2015, so I’ve technically been writing/editing/polishing it for five long years (though if you’ve read my previous posts you know I took a two-year hiatus in there for … Life). So now I’m back, focused, and ready to make this gig official.

So what’s THE PUZZLEMAKER about? Click here to find out. And let the wild rumpus start …

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