I’ve been trying to tell you!

I’ve been a writer for about five years now, before then I was an art dealer (a natural segue if ever there was one). I loved my time in the art world for many reasons, but most of all I was repeatedly amazed by the way artists see the world–very different from my life before that: a buttoned-up, straight-laced, business-oriented focus. Yeah, very different.

Since the day I closed my gallery, I have stayed in touch with–no, more than that, I’ve stayed friends with–a few of my artists. One of these has recently shot into national (worldwide?) fame. Larassa Kabel, whom I have mentioned here often (search her name on my site, if you don’t believe me), made a painting that was just chosen for the White House Christmas Card! The lovely image and her name have been plastered on websites and news stations all week. Like this one.

First, I would like to congratulate a very talented woman. I have long considered her my “John Galt,” my North Star, if you will, the one who gives me the strength to persevere if I have even one second of doubt about this creative life as a writer. She is so deserving of the honor and fame, and the invitation to a White House Christmas Party!

Second, I’d like to say, I told you so. Every time I mentioned her, I linked you to her website. Yes, the card is a painting of Bo, and on her site you’ll see her large, photorealistic and powerful drawings of horses, but do not mistake her for an animal portraitist. Keep going on her site to see the range of her talent and sense of the absurd; it is fantastic.

Congratulations Larassa!

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