stop the MADNESS!

You’ve been wondering where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, why I haven’t been blogging. Right? You check every morning, about 8:05, after sitting at your desk, papers and pens and coffee all in place, just after the boss waves hello and then goes to check his own favorite blogs, probably also mine, wondering why I haven’t written for over a month. Well, I’m back to explain.

Years ago, an old friend of mine who had for some inane reason been lambasted in our local newspaper, offered me a sage nugget of advice when I asked him how he dealt with such unfairness. “Never complain. Never explain,” is all he said. I thought it was brilliant, especially since I hate excuses. In life, you either do something or you don’t. Does the reason really matter? What’s done is done.

Nevertheless, here’s my explanation, full of complaints.

Being a mother. Being a wife. OCD. ADD. Poor time management skills. Remodeling our home. Throwing a party for 100 people. And last but definitely not least, pedicures. I put all those things ahead of Being a Writer. I’m not sure how I could have lived the last 6 weeks differently, but somehow I think that a person with a “real” job would have figured it out and still gotten everything done. Because my work is flexible, I allowed others to dictate where I had to be and when.

This week, I proudly announce, is MINE. I back. I’m a writer. Leave me alone.

Unfortunately, I had to renege on a trip to my home town, Lawrence, Kansas, when I made my declaration. I had to give up the opportunity to see my best childhood friend, and my son who will be a senior at KU. Sorry again to both of you, but this is important to me.

Now, back to the search for an agent. I know my book will sell, I just have to find my advocate.

No more excuses.

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