To (f)b or not to (f)b

Well, I did it. I never thought I would, but I did. I am now a facebookian.

The facebook population is approximately 400 Million, now larger than the United States, but I never knew what the big attraction was. I figured if I wanted to catch up with an old friend, I could pick up the phone or send out an email. But it is way more entertaining than I imagined ~ who knew my friends could be so witty? The best part is that you don’t have to make any effort to talk to your friends. Everyone just talks about themselves, and you get to read what they’re up to. Comment if you want, or don’t. It’s that easy. But you probably know all of this! I am the newbie here.

Within 48 hours of signing up, I had 47 friends. My kids were honestly surprised that I had “that many.” Indeed, one of my biggest reasons not to join was because I was afraid none of my kids would want to be my friend, and I didn’t know if I could take that much rejection. Sure enough, they have all ignored my request to be friends, either that, or more likely they just haven’t checked their facebook pages for the last 4 days. (Please, do not spoil my delusional optimism.) It’s their loss though. Soon enough, I’m sure I’ll hit my limit of 5,000 friends, and then I won’t have room for them. They will never know how cool I am.

So why did I convert and become a joiner? The final push came from two of my sisters after a family wedding. When I asked to see their pictures, they told me that they had both posted “a ton” on their facebook pages and if I wanted to see them I was going to have to get with the program. That comment combined with my construction-imposed house arrest pushed me through facebook immigration. (Faithful readers know we’re remodeling our kitchen and bathroom.) (If you’re my friend, you can see the picture I posted on my shiny new facebook page.) I’ve been trapped in a cacophonous construction zone! I can’t write. I can’t read. I can’t think. But I can spend countless, mindless hours on facebook!

Ten days and counting for the kitchen, and I count myself lucky. They are supposed to be finished tomorrow, but we’ll see.

EVEN BIGGER NEWS, my husband and I just bought the condo adjacent to ours, so now I get my own office ~ a WRITING STUDIO in my own home. No more sharing space with the homeless at the public library. No more evil, caffeine-fueled boring stares from bored baristas as I threaten to hang out past my allotted two hour time limit for one single cup of straight black coffee ($1.96 tops). Now my only distraction will be the laundry, and my husband’s favorite hunting shows on the Outdoor Channel. (But that’s why God invented noise canceling headphones, right?)

Over the past two months, I have been overwhelmed with multiple special projects (e.g. the kitchen remodel), and I have not been able to focus on my third novel, Left On Blue. I have, however, sent out another handful of query letters for That Changes Everything, been better about blogging, and have been reading everything I can get my hands on. Look for my photo as the 2010 Poster Child for Learning To Make the Most Out of a Less-Than-Ideal Situation. One step forward, one step at a time. Though don’t get me wrong, I’m not whining or complaining… just blogging. I am an extremely lucky woman.

Soon, very soon, I will get the chance to put down on paper (up on a screen?) the random thoughts I’ve been scribbling in my moleskin about my characters working their way through the plot lines and plot twists. The voices in my head are starting to drown out the workmen in my kitchen. That’s progress.

Now, where are those headphones?

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