Hello Vacation

This is my view. The dream is real.

So, what’s a hard-working writer to do when her husband wants to spend two months in paradise? I say: Define paradise.
Remember Green Acres? Well, my version is White Sands.
New York is where I’d rather stay. I get anxieties hearing waves.

No… no spoiled little girl, me. We are wonderfully situated in a villa overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica. After six days here, I am learning how to write, even when the sun is calling, the winds are blowing gently, the monkeys are swinging through the trees (really ~ I’ve got pictures!).

Is it wrong to have a To Do list in paradise? I think not. Productivity is the measure of my day: More is Good.

Speaking of which, blogging can now move up on my priority list. I’ve got so much to say! Stay tuned, readers.

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