Honey, the kids unplugged me!

So this is what the outdoors is like. Nice.

After two weeks in Costa Rica, knowing no one but my husband, we were finally settling in, learning the town, the roads, the villa. Zoology, entomology, ornithology, and sunset gazing are our new hobbies, and we never even had to leave our balcony. Why would we with a view like this?

Then three of our children arrived with two friends, and the balcony got a little crowded. Talk about ENERGY, and EXCITEMENT, and PURE HAPPINESS, these “kids” (all about 30 years old) wanted to experience everything in the Costa Rican guide book ~ in one week. Let’s see, so far they (and sometimes we) have gone surfing, snorkeling, swimming, horseback riding, and zip-lining. We went to a natural spa with a sauna, mud bath, and hot springs, all NATURAL. Best of all, one daughter loves to cook ~ that has been heaven! I’m starting to like paradise.

Now, where’s my laptop?

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