What Lies In Store?

In retrospect, my last entry seems a bit pathetic, desperate, even. It’s hard work, Karolyn, perseverance, that pays off. You know that.

Yes, I do. In fact, my favorite motivational quote is by Calvin Coolidge about perseverance above all. (It’s a long quote, but worthy of looking up if you need a little motivation.) (Or, email me and I’ll type it out for you.) From my last entry, I’d say I’d temporarily misplaced my motivation. Happy to report it’s back.

Today is a perfect day ~ so far (I never take a single day for granted). A good work out, a good breakfast, a good shower… Sunshine, coffee, quiet, quiet, and more quiet. And, most importantly, Danny needs me. Daniel King, my protagonist from That Changes Everything, and the de facto protagonist from Left On Blue. He’s made his way from Brooklyn, New York to Jackson, Wyoming, and he’s drunk, in a bar, late at night. Boy howdy does he need me.

So, wish me luck. We all know that bad news is just a phone call away, and you don’t win the lottery if you don’t play. Today, I’m playing the lottery, but not answering the phone.

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