Back to (Monkey) Business

Ok, the vacation’s not over, but I’ve got work to do. I get anxious if I want to work but get distracted by life. Am I alone in that thought? Most people think I’m crazy, but I’ll bet somewhere in this beautiful world, there are more people like me. (Please, someone help me out here!)

If you’ve been following along, you, dear reader, know that my husband and I are in Costa Rica. My essay (see the page called Essays) titled Vacationally Challenged tells my story. This morning, I submitted the entire essay for consideration for publication, so hopefully you’ll be reading it somewhere REAL in the near future.

Meanwhile, yesterday we moved to a different villa for the month of March. This place is newer, cleaner, and nicer. Perhaps if we’d come here first I wouldn’t have had such a long period of culture shock… but that’s what traveling is all about. So now, I will have new photos, and a new (more productive) location to write. Expect big things to come.

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